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PETA Exposes Cruelty to Elephants at Thai Vacationer Spot—Take Motion

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Thailand’s Ayutthaya—a UNESCO World Heritage Website—is an archeological and historic surprise that draws hundreds of thousands of vacationers yearly. PETA’s new video footage exhibits elephants being chained and compelled to present rides to guests on the cultural landmark, which causes these clever, delicate animals extreme bodily and psychological struggling.

Elephants belong of their pure houses, not in captivity, the place they’re prevented from partaking within the important actions that make them wholesome and pleased, together with foraging for meals, taking mud baths, swimming, and—most significantly—socializing with their households and different elephants. Elephants mourn after they lose a cherished one, and females stick with their households for all times—however in Thailand, captive elephants like those at Ayutthaya are subjected to a ritual referred to as phajaan, which interprets to “breaking the love between” mom and child.

The one strategy to drive elephants to permit people to journey them or endure different undesirable contact is to threaten them continuously with bodily punishment, as seen in PETA’s video. Child elephants are taken from their moms, crushed, disadvantaged of meals and water, and certain with ropes. They endure weeks of bodily torture, emotional abuse, and loneliness till their spirits break they usually change into fearful sufficient to obey their captors as a way to keep away from extra ache.

Handlers at Ayutthaya menacingly wave weapons round elephants’ heads, protecting the animals incessantly anxious. The infinite violence, trauma, and deprivation of a pure, free life causes them to sway backwards and forwards of their pen—irregular habits that’s widespread amongst captive elephants.

Elephants have extraordinary recollections, so think about the ache and sorrow they expertise after they’re separated from their households and compelled into servitude. You possibly can assist these animals by refusing to journey them or go to locations the place they’re pressured to carry out.

Please urge the Tourism Authority of Thailand to ban elephant rides at Thailand’s vacationer websites.



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