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German Shepherd Boxer Combine Data & Photos | All Issues Canines

A German shepherd boxer combine is a cross between a German shepherd and a boxer. This blended breed goes by totally different names together with boxer shepherd and box-a-shep.

Boxer shepherds are medium to giant canines. This breed is energetic, protecting, and constant. These canines are appropriate pets and guard canines for outdoorsy folks and households with older kids. This breed is unsuitable for residence dwelling and households with small youngsters.

The German shepherd boxer combine lives 10 to 12 years.

German Shepherd Boxer Combine Fast Abstract

Breed sort Combined breed
Function Household canine, guard canine
Appropriate for Lively folks and houses with outside house
Dimension 23 to 26 inches (male) or 20 to 23 inches (feminine)
Weight 60 to 90 kilos (male) or 55 to 70 kilos (feminine)
Lifespan 10 to 12 years
Coat sort A brief double or single coat
Colour variations Brown, tan, black, or grey
Shedding Average shedding
Temperament Energetic, protecting, loyal, loving
Day by day train Excessive — Wants 60 to 120 minutes of train each day
Day by day meals consumption 3 cups of high-quality kibble per day (adults)
Recognized well being issues Hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, bloat
Good with kids Sure — Youngsters age 10 or older
Good with different pets Sure, when socialized from a younger age
Worth $500 to $1,500

German Shepherd Boxer Combine Look

Boxer shepherds are giant, stocky, and athletic. The canines have darkish eyes, and their giant ears are floppy, erect, or folded on the suggestions.

A German shepherd boxer combine can take the looks of a German shepherd or a boxer. These canines will also be an ideal mixture of each mum or dad breeds.

Dimension and Weight

Boxer shepherds are medium to giant canines, and the mixes’ heights and weights range relying on the dad and mom’ measurements. Males are typically 23 to 26 inches tall and weigh between 60 and 90 kilos. Females stand 20 to 23 inches tall and weigh from 55 to 70 kilos.


Most boxer shepherds have a brief, thick, double coat. A few of these canines inherit the boxer mum or dad’s single coat, and a few inherit a medium-long coat from the German shepherd mum or dad.

The most typical coat colours on this combine are darkish brown, gentle brown, tan, grey, and black. Most boxer shepherds have black facial masks and white patches of fur. Some mixes sport different shade mixtures relying on the coat colours of each mum or dad canines.

Boxer German Shepherd Combine Origins

The German shepherd boxer combine is a comparatively new crossbreed with no well-documented historical past. This blended breed in all probability existed naturally earlier than designer breeders, probably in North America, began crossing German shepherds and boxers to create a family-friendly guard and work canine, and to satisfy the elevated demand for mixed-breed canines.

German Shepherd

The German shepherd is a medium to giant canine breed initially bred as a sheep herder. The German shepherd has gained recognition as an all-purpose working canine famend for its excessive intelligence, trainability, loyalty, and braveness.

German shepherds are energetic, athletic canines that want a whole lot of train and psychological stimulation every single day so that they don’t turn out to be bored, pissed off, and harmful.


The boxer is a robust, muscular, medium to giant canine, and was bred in Germany as a guard canine. Boxers have sq. heads, quick noses, quick easy coats, and floppy ears (except the ears are cropped).

A typical boxer is very energetic, and makes a wonderful household companion so long as the canine is correctly exercised. With out common train and psychological stimulation, boxers turn out to be bored and harmful.

Boxer German Shepherd Combine Character and Temperament

The boxer shepherd is cautious of strangers and can by no means be as affectionate with visitors as it’s with its household. The canine is blissful to spend time and cuddle with all relations, and the canine’s protecting instincts make it a wonderful guard canine that protects its household from sensed threats.

German shepherd boxers want numerous train and psychological stimulation all through the day. Lively households who’re dwelling quite a bit, spend time with their pets, and who problem their pets mentally and bodily make the very best homeowners for this breed.

Taking Care of a Boxer German Shepherd Combine

German Shepherd Boxer Mix in the Snow

Boxer shepherds make great companions, however they aren’t for everybody. The boxer shepherd is a high-maintenance canine as a result of it has excessive train, coaching, and psychological wants. Retaining this canine energetic and stimulated is the largest problem that homeowners would possibly face.

Meals Wants

A boxer shepherd’s meals must be formulated for medium to giant, high-energy canines. Observe the feeding directions on the kibble package deal on your canine’s age and weight. Cut up grownup boxer shepherds’ meals into three per day, and feed puppies three to 4 occasions per day with high-quality kibble for large-breed puppies.

Grooming Wants

Single-coated boxer shepherds shed reasonably all yr, and should be brushed two occasions every week. Double-coated boxer shepherds undergo a shedding season within the spring and fall. Groom the double-coated boxer shepherd 4 to 5 occasions per week throughout shedding season, and two to a few occasions per week within the low season. Use a rubber curry brush to take away unfastened hair and useless pores and skin cells, stimulate circulation, and to maintain your house clear.

Bathe a boxer shepherd as soon as each two to a few months. Overbathing causes dry, flaky pores and skin and a dull-looking coat. Each time you bathe your boxer shepherd, clear its ears, brush its tooth, and clip the canine’s nails in the event that they’re lengthy.

Train Wants

German shepherd boxers want between 60 and 120 minutes of vigorous train every single day. Embody the boxer shepherd in actions comparable to operating, jogging, mountaineering, biking, or agility video games to tire the canine out and preserve it in fine condition. Relying on the canine’s age, purpose for 2 or three walks per day.

Psychological Wants

Boxer shepherds turn out to be bored rapidly with out sufficient psychological stimulation. Preserve these canines mentally stimulated by feeding them utilizing puzzle bowls, letting them play with meals dishing out toys, or instructing them new methods. Studying new instructions, discovering hidden treats, taking part in disguise and search, and placing toys away are different actions that boxer shepherds get pleasure from.

Widespread Well being Issues

Boxer shepherds can turn out to be sick resulting from lack of train and poor consuming habits (bloat). This blended breed can inherit a number of well being issues from their mum or dad breeds, particularly meals and environmental allergic reactions, hypothyroidism, coronary heart illness, most cancers, degenerative myelopathy (results in hind limb paralysis), and hip and elbow dysplasia.

One of the simplest ways to make sure a wholesome German boxer is to rule out inherited ailments earlier than adopting or shopping for by buying the canine from a good breeder who supplies well being information on the canine’s dad and mom. Take a German boxer pet to the vet for a full check-up as quickly as you deliver the canine dwelling for the primary time, and preserve your canine wholesome by giving it common veterinary check-ups, treating any well being issues, and fulfilling the canine’s dietary, psychological, and train wants.

Coaching a German Shepherd Boxer Combine

Begin coaching your boxer shepherd as quickly because it comes dwelling, and preserve the coaching classes quick and thrilling to implement the canine’s intelligence and keep away from its cussed behaviors.

Boxer shepherds reply higher to optimistic reinforcement pet coaching strategies than to domination and punishment. Reward good habits with reward, treats, or toys.

Early socialization helps boxer shepherd puppies develop into pleasant and well-mannered canines. Introduce the pet to totally different folks, kids, and animals, and expose it to totally different conditions, sounds, and smells.

Canine crates are a vital housetraining software for any canine, particularly to coach boxer shepherd puppies to whine or scratch when they should pee or defecate — a sign that they need to be let exterior.

German Shepherd Boxer Combine Price

Boxer shepherds are moderately priced canines, on condition that mixes and designer canines like this crossbreed are sometimes costlier than their purebred dad and mom.

How A lot Is a German Shepherd Boxer Combine?

A German shepherd boxer combine prices $500 to $1,500. The worth could range relying on the breeder and the canine’s age, lineage, well being certification, and market availability and demand.

Shopping for a boxer shepherd pet from a good breeder prices greater than adopting an grownup canine from a shelter or a rescue group. Count on to spend as much as $350 to undertake an grownup boxer shepherd.

How A lot Does It Price to Elevate a German Shepherd Boxer Combine?

The annual value of elevating a boxer shepherd varies relying on the kind of provides and providers chosen. Count on to spend round $250 to $750 on meals, $50 to $200 on toys, $400 on preventative treatment, and $700 on routine veterinary care per yr relying on the way you select to care on your canine.

Ought to You Get a German Shepherd Boxer Combine?

German Shepherd Boxer Mix

Boxer shepherds are great companions for outdoorsy folks of all ages, and make succesful guard canines. However, this mixed-breed isn’t for everybody. Boxer shepherds crave human firm and aren’t suited to individuals who don’t spend a lot time with their canine.

German Shepherd Boxer Mixes are Appropriate for:

Boxer shepherds make appropriate pets and guard canines for energetic individuals who wish to hike, cycle, run, or go tenting. This blended breed thrives in busy households with older kids who commonly spend time with their canine. Properties close to parks or with a big fenced yard are the very best dwelling conditions for boxer shepherds.

German Shepherd Boxer Mixes are NOT Appropriate for:

The boxer shepherd’s excessive train wants make it an unsuitable pet or guard canine for folks with sedentary existence, households with small youngsters, and residence dwelling. A big and energetic boxer shepherd combine can unintentionally knock down or injure a toddler whereas taking part in.

This blended breed is unsuitable for individuals who spend a whole lot of time away from dwelling or have unpredictable schedules.



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