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French Bulldog Canine Breed Data & Photos | All Issues Canines

The French bulldog is a small companion breed originating from England. French bulldogs are 11 to 13 inches tall and weigh below 28 kilos. These canine are identified for his or her distinctive bat ears, flat-shaped heads, and silky coats.

This breed is fashionable amongst pet homeowners due to its playful, sensible, and affectionate nature. French bulldogs get alongside properly with children and like to be lap canine. Frenchies are adaptable and don’t require a lot train. Nevertheless, the breed is sadly liable to a number of well being points.

French Bulldog Fast Abstract

Frequent Names: French bulldog, bouledogue Français, frenchie
Origin England
Dad or mum Breeds Companion, non-sporting group
Measurement Small
Peak 11 to 13 inches
Weight As much as 28 kilos
Colours Brindle, cream, fawn, white
Coat Shiny, easy coat, quick in size
Life Expectancy 10 to 14 years
Temperament Playful, sensible, affectionate, alert, and adaptable
Shedding Low
Barking Tendency Minimal
Price $2,500–$4,500
Recognized Well being Points Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS), heatstroke, dental issues, eye issues, patellar luxation, intervertebral disc illness (IDD), pores and skin dermatitis, ear infections

French Bulldog Look

French Bulldog sitting in tall grass

French bulldogs have a brief coat, muscular construct, and bat-shaped ears. The canine is available in a spread of colours. The breed is taken into account brachycephalic, that means it has a brief, broad cranium.

Peak and Weight

French bulldogs are a small breed, with a top on the withers of 11 to 13 inches and a weight under 28 kilos. The scale of those canine will depend on a number of components together with genetics, weight loss program, and exercise stage. Males are usually bigger than females.

At 12 weeks outdated, French bulldog puppies are 5 to six inches tall and weigh 6 to 9 kilos. These canine attain their full grownup measurement inside 12 months.


French bulldogs have easy, quick coats made up of nice hairs.

They arrive in many various colours together with: white, cream, fawn and black, and blue French bulldogs. There are additionally markings on French bulldogs that make brindle French bulldogs, piebald, black and/or white markings.

Probably the most costly French bulldogs primarily based on colours is the lilac French bulldog.

The rarest colours are blue and merle, however these aren’t accepted colours below the American Kennel Membership’s (AKC) breed normal. Merle coats are related to elevated danger of well being points like congenital deafness and blindness.

Physique Options

French bulldogs have broad shoulders and unfastened, delicate pores and skin that causes distinct wrinkles across the eyes, nostril, and neck. The breed’s legs are stout and muscular. The tail is brief, hangs low, and is both screwed or straight in form.

Facial Options

French bulldogs have bat-shaped ears that are erect, broad, and spherical on the high. As a result of frenchies are brachycephalic (have quick, broad skulls), their facial options have a squashed look. Most canine have a visual underbite. Eyes are spherical, alert, and set vast aside.

French Bulldog Origins

Black and White French Bulldog standing in a field

French bulldogs have been first developed in Nineteenth-century England to be smaller variations of British bulldogs.

These canine have been fashionable with the lacemakers of Nottingham who stored the canine for companionship and to maintain the makers’ laps heat whereas working. After the commercial revolution — which led to the decline of lace making by hand — many lacemakers emigrated to France to seek out work and introduced their canine with them.

The recognition of French bulldogs rapidly exploded in France, particularly amongst bon vivants in Paris who thought of the breed modern. French bulldogs have been finally bred to have signature bat ears, snub noses, and spherical eyes. The breed was formally acknowledged by the AKC in 1898 and is at present the second-most-popular breed in America.

French Bulldog Character and Temperament

Fawn French Bulldog Chewing on treat

French bulldogs are adaptable canine which might be sensible, curious, playful, and extremely affectionate, in keeping with the AKC temperament information.

These canine are hardly ever aggressive towards folks and different animals, particularly when correctly educated and socialized from an early age. Frenchies are sometimes referred to as velcro canine due to the will to all the time be by their proprietor’s facet.

Due to their adaptable nature, French bulldogs can comfortably reside in any family, together with flats. These canine have low train wants and like to spend time enjoying and snoozing inside the home. The breed isn’t ideally suited for individuals who get pleasure from vigorous, outside train.

Taking Care of a French Bulldog

Black French Bulldog Puppy Sleeping in Dog Bed

French bulldogs are reasonably tough to look after due to their danger of well being issues. This breed thrives with loads of consideration, a balanced weight loss program, and common vet checkups.

Meals Wants

Frenchies are low-energy canine that normally don’t require a high-calorie consumption. Feed French bulldogs 1 to 2 cups of meals break up into two separate meals every day. The precise meals quantity will depend on the canine’s weight, construct, age, and exercise stage. Puppies want 1 to 1.5 cups of meals each day to help their progress. Cut up pet meals into three to 4 separate meals.

French bulldogs must be fed nutrient-rich kibble containing round 18% protein and 5% fats. Lean protein helps these canine preserve wholesome muscle mass. Keep away from free feeding this breed as a result of the canine will over-eat, which may result in weight problems.

French bulldogs typically have issue correctly digesting meals, particularly in the event that they eat a big quantity rapidly. Utilizing a sluggish feeder bowl, which reduces consuming pace, can assist digestion.

Grooming Wants

French bulldogs shed minimally all year long. Their coats aren’t liable to tangles or mats, so these canine solely want brushing twice every week to maintain the fur clear and wholesome. Bathe French bulldogs month-to-month, or at any time when they get soiled.

The French bulldog is tougher to groom than different breeds due to its pores and skin kind. The wrinkles and folds have a tendency to gather sweat, particles, and grime, which may trigger irritation and even result in infections. Commonly clear the canine’s pores and skin with dog-friendly wipes.

French bulldogs typically have delicate pores and skin, so keep on with hypoallergenic shampoo. Keep away from cleansing merchandise that include harsh chemical compounds, added fragrances, or alcohol. Verify ears weekly for indicators of an infection and irritation, and hold nails well-trimmed. Brush enamel each day to forestall dental issues.

Train Wants

Fawn French Bulldog Running On The Beach

French bulldogs are small, laidback canine that solely want as much as 60 minutes of train per day. This train must be break up into two to a few small walks. Puppies must be exercised for 5 minutes monthly of age.

Extreme train might be harmful for frenchies as a result of they wrestle to breathe and overheat rapidly. Throughout scorching climate, keep on flat, shaded paths and produce loads of water. House owners must also keep away from water-based actions — frenchies can’t swim nor hold themselves afloat.

At all times use a harness when strolling French bulldogs as a result of their necks are delicate and might simply get injured if strain is utilized.

Psychological Wants

French bulldogs are people-oriented and wish a lot of consideration from their homeowners to be glad. Present at the least half-hour of psychological stimulation per day to maintain these canine mentally match. Interactive toys, obedience coaching, and puzzle toys are all appropriate actions.

Frenchies are liable to separation nervousness and shouldn’t be left alone for lengthy durations of time. Soothe nervousness with long-lasting chews and a blanket lined in your scent.

Frequent Well being Considerations

French bulldogs have a median lifespan of 10 to 14 years. Sadly, these canine are liable to many well being points due to their bodily anatomy. At all times purchase French bulldogs from respected breeders that may present well being screenings.

  • Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS): A time period for the respiration difficulties skilled by brachycephalic canine. Indicators of BOAS embody snorting, train intolerance, restlessness, retching, vomiting, and poor warmth tolerance. The signs of BOAS might be managed with surgical procedure
  • Patellar luxation: A situation the place the kneecap slips and strikes out of the right place, inflicting lameness, ache, and stiffness. Delicate instances might be handled with physiotherapy, although extra extreme instances want surgical procedure
  • Heatstroke: A probably deadly situation that happens when a canine overheats. Indicators of heatstroke embody panting, drooling, shaking, confusion, vomiting, and seizures. Canines affected by heatstroke must be taken to the vet instantly and cooled down
  • Dental issues: Points attributable to the canine’ squashed face form and underbite. Preventative measures embody brushing canine’ enamel each day and common vet visits
  • Intervertebral disc illness (IDD): A degenerative situation the place a disc within the French bulldog’s backbone herniates or ruptures, inflicting ache, mobility points, an irregular posture, and extreme panting. Remedy includes crate relaxation, dietary adjustments, medicine, and physiotherapy
  • Pores and skin dermatitis: A situation related to allergic reactions the place the pores and skin turns into itchy, irritated, and infected. Pores and skin dermatitis is usually handled with topical steroid drugs
  • Ear infections: Infections are brought about as a result of the canine typically expertise pores and skin irritation and scratch their ears, resulting in open wounds. Signs of an ear an infection embody irritation, extreme discharge, and head shaking. Remedy includes medicated ear drops and anti-inflammatories
  • Meals allergic reactions: Well being signs attributable to delicate stomachs. These canine might be allergic to a number of meals, together with proteins, dairy, rice, and wheat. A veterinarian can check for meals sensitivities

French bulldogs additionally expertise a spread of eye circumstances, together with cataracts, corneal ulcers, and cherry eye.

  • Cataracts: A situation that causes the lens of the attention to develop into clouded, leading to imaginative and prescient issues. Cataracts are treatable with surgical procedure
  • Corneal ulcers: An open sore that happens on the corneal floor and results in redness, ache, extreme discharge, and sensitivity to mild. Remedy will depend on the severity, however usually includes eye drops and anti inflammatory medicine
  • Cherry eye: A situation the place the canine’s third eyelid prolapses and pops out, inflicting dryness and irritation. Cherry eye might be handled with topical lubricant medicine and surgical procedure

Learn how to Practice a French Bulldog Woman training her french bulldog to fetch

French bulldog coaching is simple as a result of their intelligence and people-pleasing nature. Nevertheless, the breed might be cussed and delicate. These canine reply finest to a coaching method that’s mild, constant, and makes use of optimistic reinforcement. Keep away from punishments as a result of they don’t present efficient, long-term outcomes. Punishments throughout coaching may cause canine to develop into anxious or aggressive.

French bulldogs must be uncovered to different canine and folks from an early age to assist them develop into assured, well-adjusted adults. Begin with socialization, home coaching, identify coaching, and obedience coaching. Instructions must be bolstered repeatedly, particularly at six to eight months — the time interval when canine typically check their homeowners’ boundaries.

Making coaching a enjoyable sport helps have interaction cussed French bulldogs. Preserve coaching classes quick — between 5 and quarter-hour — and solely educate one command at a time. Be persistent and don’t get annoyed.

French Bulldog Worth

Three French Bulldog Puppies in a dog bed

French bulldogs are costly to purchase and take care of. The full value of a canine will depend on whether or not you undertake an grownup frenchie or purchase a pedigree pet from a breeder. Well being points will add to the price of elevating a French bulldog.

How A lot is a French Bulldog?

The value of a French Bulldog can differ tremendously.

A French bulldog pet will normally value $2,500 to $4,500 relying on bloodline, coat, and breeder. Pedigree puppies of uncommon coloration or with present canine lineage can value over $8,000. Rescuing an grownup French bulldog from a shelter is an reasonably priced various, usually incurring a payment of round $250 to $500.

French bulldogs are costly to purchase as a result of breeding is tough and costly. The canine usually can’t reproduce naturally as a result of their slim hips. The canine require synthetic insemination and C-sections to offer beginning. Frenchies are additionally extremely wanted world wide.

Keep away from breeders promoting French bulldog puppies for lower than $1,500. These “breeders” are probably pet mills, which exploit, neglect, and abuse canine.

How A lot Does it Price to Increase a French Bulldog?

Elevating French bulldogs is pricey as a result of the canine are liable to well being points and require common vet checkups. Count on to pay at the least $160 monthly. First-year bills will likely be increased due to pet vaccinations, neutering, and provides like bedding and strolling tools.

The full value of possession will differ, relying on the well being points these canine expertise. Frequent remedies for French bulldogs embody BOAS corrective surgical procedure and luxating patella surgical procedure, each of which may value within the 1000’s.

Ought to You Get a French Bulldog?

Black French Bulldog

French bulldogs are affectionate, curious, sensible, and sociable canine that make glorious household companions. Nevertheless, the breed’s danger of well being issues means it’s not appropriate for all folks and existence.

French Bulldogs are Appropriate for:

French bulldogs are adaptable and well-suited to folks that may present them with loads of consideration all through the day. These canine get together with children, do properly in flats, and don’t require a lot train. With correct socialization, frenchies can reside in multi-pet households.

French Bulldogs are NOT Appropriate for:

French bulldogs aren’t appropriate for individuals who lead extraordinarily energetic existence, spend most of their time outside, or can’t practice a canine each day. House owners on the lookout for an reasonably priced breed must also keep away from frenchies.

French bulldogs typically expertise separation nervousness and, subsequently, aren’t ideally suited for people who can’t be with a canine for a lot of the day. Left alone for lengthy durations, these canine will have interaction in harmful habits like extreme barking, scratching, and chewing.




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