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Do not Fear, Be Hoppy! It is Amphibian Week!

Might 1-7 2022 is Amphibian Week! Amphibians are distinctive: they start their lives within the water, however most of their grownup life is on land! Amphibians are ectothermic, which means their physique temperature depends on exterior sources, like a rock heated by the solar or a river or lake. They’re additionally delicate to invasive species, drought & illness. Researchers examine amphibians as a result of they typically present early indicators of stressors, like illness & local weather change. Many animals depend on amphibians for meals, so after they die off, it impacts the complete pure space. Sadly, about one-third of all amphibian species are at risk of extinction.

The Cincinnati Zoo is residence to loads of amphibians just like the poison dart frog, fire-bellied newt and the Titicaca water frog! We hope you cease by the Reptile Home, World of the Insect and Manatee Springs to see them in your subsequent go to!

Fireplace-Bellied Newt

The fire-bellied newt is poisonous to the contact, a protection mechanism in opposition to predators.

Titicaca Water Frog

Reasonably than respiration air like people do, the Critically endangered Titicaca water frog absorbs oxygen from the water by its dishevelled pores and skin.

Two-toed Amphiuma

The 2 toes on both facet of its physique that give the two-toed amphiuma its identify are current however just about ineffective.

Poison Dart Frog

Starting from yellow to blue to pink, poison dart frogs are brightly coloured to warn hungry predators that they harbor quite a few poison glands of their pores and skin.

Dyeing Poison Dart Frog

An unwary snake or different predator that tries to eat a poison dart frog will change into very sick, paralyzed and even die from the ingestion of an alkaloid-based poison secreted by the frog’s pores and skin.

Inexperienced and Black Poison Dart Frog

The inexperienced and black dart frog is certainly one of greater than 100 species of poison dart frogs.

Yellow Banded Poison Dart Frog

In most frogs, parental care ends with the laying of eggs, however not so for poison dart frogs. As soon as a feminine lays eggs, typically on the underside of a leaf, the male guards them till they hatch into tadpoles. Then he transports every tadpole to its personal tiny pool of water held throughout the cup-like leaves of a bromeliad plant.


The biggest absolutely aquatic salamander in america, the hellbender absorbs oxygen from the water by its wrinkly pores and skin. Nicknames embody snot otter, water canine, lasagna lizard and Allegheny alligator.

Ornate Horned Frog

The ornate horned frog has pointy folds of pores and skin above its eyes fairly than precise horns. Additionally it is often known as the Pac-Man frog for its vast mouth and voracious urge for food.

Higher Siren

The larger siren is a primative salamander that reaches lengths of greater than three toes.  Present in wetlands of the Southeastern United States, this aquatic salamander spends most of its time buried in mud or sand.



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