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Australian Shepherd Canine Breed Data & Photos | All Issues Canines

The Australian shepherd is a medium-sized herding canine originating from america. These canines are about 21 inches tall and weigh between 50 and 65 kilos. The breed is available in colours together with blue merle, purple merle, purple and black, and tricolor.

Australian shepherds are standard pets due to their loyalty and excessive intelligence. The canines reside for as much as 15 years and are ideally fitted to skilled house owners in energetic households. Inactive individuals or individuals who don’t have the time or motivation to mentally stimulate their pets shouldn’t purchase an Australian shepherd.

Australian Shepherd Fast Abstract

Widespread Names: Australian shepherd, Spanish shepherd, Australian bob-tail, pastor canine, California shepherd, New Mexican shepherd
Origin United States
Breed group Herding group
Measurement Medium
Top 18-23 inches
Weight 50-65 kilos
Colours Blue merle, purple merle, strong black, strong purple, numerous tricolors
Coat Double coat, medium-length
Life Expectancy 13-15 years
Temperament Clever, affectionate, loyal, energetic

Australian Shepherd Look

Two Australian Shepherd Dogs Lying in Grass
Their title comes from their ancestor’s look; these canines got here to America from Spain (through Australia.)

The Australian shepherd is a medium-sized canine with a straight or barely wavy double coat. The canine normally has two or three colours on its physique, which may embrace white, purple, tan, black, or blue.

These canines have medium-length fur with lengthy fur across the neck and backs of the legs.

Top and Weight

Australian shepherds are 18–23 inches tall. Females have a peak of 18–21 inches on the withers, and males are barely taller, rising 21–23 inches.

The typical weight of an Australian shepherd is 50–65 kilos. A canine’s exercise degree, food plan, age, and genetics are all elements that have an effect on weight.


The Australian shepherd’s thick, double coat is medium-length and straight or barely wavy. The undercoat is thick, fluffy, and might be thicker than typical within the winter. The topcoat, known as the “guard coat,” is coarser and extra inflexible than the undercoat.

The canine has feathering on the again of the legs and a frill across the neck.

The commonest Australian shepherd coat colours are:

  • Stable black
  • Black and white
  • Black, white, and tan
  • Stable purple
  • Purple and white
  • Blue merle (with bicolor and tri-color variations)
  • Purple merle (with bicolor and tri-color variations)

Stable white and yellow are unusual Australian shepherd colorings.

Australian Shepherd Origins

Australian Shepherd Eating Kibble

Though their names counsel in any other case, Australian shepherds originated within the Western United States. These canines have been used to have a tendency massive flocks of sheep in states like California, Idaho, Colorado, and Wyoming.

The precise origin of this canine isn’t recognized, but it surely’s thought that Spanish Conquistadors introduced the Australian shepherd’s ancestors to the US within the 1500s.

Immediately, this breed continues to be used within the farming trade and can also be a much-loved household pet.

Australian Shepherd Character and Temperament

Dog Playing Agility

Australian shepherds are clever, loyal, and extremely energetic canines that thrive off coaching and optimistic reinforcement. These canines take pleasure in having a mission or a goal, in order that they’re nice pets for energetic individuals. These canines are greatest fitted to house owners who’ve the time to show their pets methods and contain them in mentally stimulating actions.

The Australian shepherd is quick-moving and vulnerable to hyperactivity. These canines are additionally recognized to bark and grow to be harmful if left alone for lengthy intervals. Subsequently, the breed isn’t advisable for inactive individuals who can’t give their pets the bodily or psychological stimulation wanted to thrive.

Taking Care of an Australian Shepherd Canine

Blue Merle Australian Shepherd Running

Caring for an Australian shepherd is simple as a result of the canine is extremely trainable and isn’t vulnerable to behavioral issues. These canines want a wholesome, balanced food plan, frequent grooming, and loads of train to thrive.

Meals Wants

The advisable each day meals quantity for an Australian shepherd is between 1.5 and a pair of.5 cups of high-quality kibble per day. This meals must be divided into two or three meals. The canine’s age, measurement, construct, exercise degree, and metabolism have an effect on the quantity of meals that it wants.

Fastidiously-measured parts of meals, tailor-made to medium-sized canines, ought to present the vitamins the canine wants for vitality and good well being.

Grooming Wants

The Australian shepherd’s medium-length fur turns into simply knotted and matted with out frequent grooming. Brush the canine’s coat as soon as per week commonly, or twice per week throughout shedding season. Stroke within the course that the hair grows to detangle the fur and use a stripping comb to groom across the canine’s face and behind the ears.

Australian shepherds must be bathed every time they’re soiled, or about as soon as a month. Trim the canine’s nails every time you possibly can hear the nails clicking on the ground.

Train Wants

Merle Tricolor Australian Shepherd Jumping in a Field

Australian shepherds are energetic canines that want a minimal of two hours of train per day. This train could be divided into at the least two walks. These canines like to really feel challenged, so add selection to their each day train.

Mountaineering, operating, off-lead walks, fetch, and obedience or agility courses are all good actions for Australian shepherds. These canines are greatest suited to houses with gardens or backyards however can reside in an condo so long as the Aussies are exercised exterior all through the day.

Psychological Wants

The Australian shepherd is an clever canine that likes to really feel busy and essential. This breed wants at the least half an hour of psychological stimulation per day, within the type of playtime, coaching, or obedience actions.

Frisbees, tennis balls, and tug ropes are good toys for these canines. When you possibly can’t play together with your canine, present puzzle toys or deal with launch toys to maintain your canine engaged with impartial play.

Widespread Well being Considerations

Australian shepherds are usually wholesome, however there are a number of well being issues that this breed is vulnerable to.

  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy: a genetically-inherited degenerative dysfunction affecting the attention. Canines with PRA step by step lose their photoreceptors and sight. Indicators of this dysfunction are cloudy-looking or gray-colored eyes, nervousness at evening, and clumsiness in new environments. PRA is untreatable and progresses over a interval of 1 or two years.
  • Epilepsy: a neurological dysfunction that causes repeated seizures or suits. These seizures aren’t painful for canines, however they’ll trigger confusion and panic. Epilepsy is managed with anticonvulsant treatment that should be administered all through the canine’s life, however the dysfunction can’t be cured.
  • Hip and Elbow Dysplasia: inherited situations affecting the position of the hip and elbow sockets. Canines with hip and elbow dysplasia exhibit lameness or ache on one or each of their entrance or again legs. The canines may have a decreased vary of movement and a hesitance to run, soar, or climb stairs. The situations are handled by managing the canine’s weight, utilizing train remedy, or having surgical procedure, in extreme circumstances.
  • Deafness: a situation that impacts the canine’s skill to answer sound. Canines with white and merle colours usually tend to be born deaf. Deafness can typically be handled with surgical procedure or treatment, but it surely normally can’t be cured.

Many well being issues could be averted by shopping for a pet from a accountable breeder who has screened the mother or father canines for widespread well being issues.

Learn how to Practice an Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd Puppy Biting Stuffed Toy

Australian shepherds are good, alert, loyal, and simple to coach. This breed responds greatest to optimistic reinforcement with reward, meals, and play used as rewards. The canines aren’t normally cussed and are blissful to take instructions from their trainers.

Start coaching an Australian shepherd pet when it’s seven weeks outdated. Start by toilet-training, leash-training, and training primary instructions like “sit” and “heel.” Additionally begin to socialize the pet in numerous environments. Puppies study greatest when they’re uncovered to completely different social conditions between the ages of seven weeks and 4 months outdated.

Australian Shepherd Value

Red Australian Shepherd Puppy

The Australian shepherd is priced as a mid-range canine.

How A lot Is an Australian Shepherd?

An Australian shepherd prices $650 to $850. The worth of the canine is determined by elements together with age, coat coloration, breeder status, and whether or not the canine is purchased from a breeder or adopted. Adopting an Australian shepherd prices about $200.

Blue and purple merle canines, tri-color canines, or canines with distinctive coloring are costlier than block-color or mostly-black canines. Puppies are additionally costlier than adults.

How A lot Does it Value to Elevate an Australian Shepherd?

The typical month-to-month value of elevating an Australian shepherd is $80 after the preliminary buy and set-up prices. Set-up prices embrace meals, treatment and vet payments, grooming provides, and new toys. Further prices might embrace canine strolling and canine sitting providers, skilled grooming, and canine boarding.

Ought to You Get an Australian Shepherd?

Red and White Australian Shepherd Looking Up at Owner

Australian shepherds are loyal, energetic canines which might be loving companions for many households, however these canines usually are not appropriate for some individuals or life.

Australian Shepherds are Appropriate for:

Australian shepherds have plenty of vitality, in order that they’re ideally fitted to energetic, outdoorsy individuals. Supreme house owners ought to have loads of time to stroll and play with their canine all through the day. As a consequence of this breed’s excessive vitality degree, the canines do greatest in houses with backyards or good entry to parks for off-leash walks.

Australian shepherds are pleasant, nurturing, and like to have enjoyable, in order that they’re superb pets for households with assured, wise youngsters.

Australian Shepherds are NOT Appropriate for:

Australian shepherds are herding canines, in order that they’re recognized to herd, nip, and chase youngsters and different pets. Though these canines ultimately study that youngsters and pets usually are not a part of their “flock,” the canines shouldn’t be housed with nervous youngsters or pets.

This breed thrives off of psychological stimulation and coaching. Individuals who don’t have the time or endurance to coach and play with their canines shouldn’t purchase an Australian shepherd.



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